Flight Culture Easter glider sale

Flight Culture are pleased to announce an Easter sale on selected gliders until the end of April 2017

EN A gliders


Aircross U-Prime 2

Avaliable in all sizes, the U-Prime 2 is the perfect glider for beginners and occasional pilots.The inflation and take-off phase is often considered as difficult and critical, but with the U Prime it is so easy. Aircross have worked hard to reduce weight which has resulted in improved inflation characteristics. At 4,5kg (Size S), the U Prime II is one of the lightest LTF/EN A gliders on the market.

Normal price £2625

Sale price £2105


Fides 5Sky Fides 5

Avaliable in all sizes, the Fides 5 is a glider designed to stay with you for many flying hours, all the way from the magic of your first hop and beyond. In fact, suitable and fun to fly for any pilot. The handling of the Fides 5 is well balanced. Feedback and sensitivity need to remain but in a tempered manner.


Normal price £2395

Sale price £1995


EN B gliders

U Fly 2


Aircross U-Fly 2

Available in all sizes, the Aircros U-Fly 2 offers you a high level of passive safety features without having to make compromises in terms of performance, you can use a high speed range, because the trim speed of the U fly 2 is high and the speed system is very effective too. This is the perfect glider for the pilot who wants passive safety but still likes to have enough performance to go XC.

Normal price £2900

Sale price £2625


Aircross U-CruiseAircross U-Cruise

Avaliable in all sizes, the Aircross U-Cruise will satisfy everyone from recreational to competition pilot. This glider is perfect for those who are looking for long distance flights. A high speed range

together with the direct and extraordinary easy handling of the U Cruise result in great flights as well as a lot of flying fun.

Normal price £3625

Sale price £3250


Tandem gliders

AircrossDoubleU-602x401Aircross U-Double

The Aircross U-Double is based on the U-Fly so it is no surprise that it is an outstanding design. It is easy to inflate and generates lift very quickly. The handling is light and precise and the performance makes this a tandem that is easy to take XC. The trim tabs give the glider a great speed range that doesn’t compromise handling or safety.

Normal Price £3725

Sale Price £3495

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