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  1. John,
    Thanks for the very interesting talk you gave our club (Avon) on coping with fear while flying (and before). Some of the ideas you had I have never heard of before and will definitely be trying.

  2. Hey J The new site looks awsum ,enjoyed the Dune De Pyla this year def heading back next year again
    keep up the good work buddy xxxx

  3. I’ve just got back from, quite simply, the holiday of my lifetime, with Flight Culture, in Ecuador. Fun, excitement and adventure, from start to finish. The Amazon, The Andes, the Pacific, and all points in between. White water rafting (madness), speed canoes on the Napo river, horse trekking, mountain climbing (!) jungle living, oh…. and paragliding, of course. All planned and executed to a nicety by John (who thinks he’s always right, and he bloody always is !) LMAO every single day. If you’re thinking about a trip with FC, do it, it’s brilliant. John, I don’t care where you’re going next year, I’m in. Thanks for the greatest time. Ken

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