If you want to experience powered flight, paramotoring is the most convenient, easiest and most basic option. On a warm summer evening you can take your equipment from the boot of your car and lay it out on a flat field. After just a few moments of preparation you will be ready to take off and to effortlessly climb hundreds or even thousands of feet into the sky. Your flight could take you for many miles over the countryside. Unlike a conventional aircraft, once you switch the engine off you revert to being a glider and retain complete control.

In order to paramotor safely you will need to first learn basic paragliding skills. This will include the full BHPA Elementary Pilot course as well as a shortened Club Pilot course (you won’t learn the soaring skills). Your paramotor training will cover two sections; ground school, which covers equipment, weather and theory, then the practical section covering pre-motorized flights, motor unit ground work, and finally powered flight. For a complete beginner the training usually takes about eight or ten days although an experienced Club Pilot can do a conversion course in two days. This will give you a BHPA restricted qualification and allow you to fly in the vicinity of your take off point. For the full qualification you’ll need to come back for another two days training which will teach you how to fly cross country.

£160.00 for your first day, £140.00 for subsequent days
(This does not include equipment, although we have some for hire if you wish and we will require a deposit)