November 3-10, 2018

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago about 250 miles north of the Canary Islands and just over 600 miles from mainland Europe.

The island is (roughly speaking) oriented along a east – west line, is 35 miles long and 14 miles wide. The island rises steeply from the coast up to just over 600 feet in the centre of the island. The predominant wind direction is northerly so the north coast gets lots of rainfall and is nearly tropical, while the south side of the island is much drier.

The Flying

We’ll be based at Jardim do Mar on the south side of the island and most frequently we fly from Arco de Calheta which is normally a lee side. We’re able to do this because the sun heats up the south side of the island giving a consistent up-slope flow which is protected from the prevailing wind by the high steep spine of the island. In addition to Arco de Calheta, there are many other sites on the island, all offering top-landing possibilities as well as bottom landing on the beach although they are less frequently used. Our typical flying days start around 10-30 and finish after 5 although there might be periods that are too strong for some pilots. We’ll have radios for everybody and will be able to help you with your thermaling technique.

You’ll need to bring out all your equipment; paraglider harness, reserve, helmet, vario, and sturdy boots.

The Trip

Although this is a paragliding trip and we’ll do everything we can to help you get the most from it, if there are non-flyable periods we’ll show you some of this beautiful island. We’ll take you up to the central ridge with incredible views to both sides, take you on lavada (aqueduct) walks, visit the north west coast and the town of Porto Moniz. We’ll show you parts of the island that you’d never see on a normal tour.


We’re staying in a funky surfers hostel in the village of Jardim do Mar. It’s really not like anything you’ve ever seen before. There is a stunning central courtyard with an open air kitchen off to one side. On the floor above are the private rooms while the dormitory is located on the top floor. Breakfast is a somewhat DIY affair although we’ll supply all food. In the evenings we’ll cook 3 of the meals at our hostel which is always very social and a lot of fun and on the other nights we’ll visit some of our favourite restaurants.


The climate on Madeira is really pleasant although temperatures can vary enormously; generally you can expect days to be warm/hot and evenings chilly. You’ll need sunglasses, sun cream, clothing in layers and hay fever treatment if need it.


£615 based on a bed in the dormitory and £695 for a private room.
£375 for non-flying partners

This includes accommodation, food (except when we eat out), all site fees, transport (inc retrieves), instruction and guiding

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