Our SIV course is aimed to accommodate a wide range of pilots and is suitable for all qualified pilots (CP). Although we do have core skills that we go through with you, if you progress quickly and want to try some more advanced skills or acro manoeuvres you’ll get the chance. We teach in a logical progressive sequence so that you build on skills previously acquired.

We will be running our 4 day course from the 3 – 6 October with arrival on the 2nd and departure on the evening of the 6th or the 7th. We’ll be flying from Cornizzolo on the west side of Lake Como.

The Club Pilot syllabus requires that your instructor gives you the understanding of the mechanics of various stalls and spins; what causes them and how to deal with them. At the point when a student is about to qualify, this is sufficient. Once a new pilot has gone out and started flying on their local sites and gained 10 hours or so of airtime, we arrive at a point where nearly all of the paragliding world and our beliefs here in the UK differ. In most other countries a manoeuvres or SIV course are regarded as a normal part of your flying education.

I am a huge believer in the value of SIV courses and if you haven’t done one I really urge you to consider it. It will make you a better, more knowledgeable and safer pilot.

Course Syllabus

SIV (simulation de incidence en vol) is a manoeuvres course designed to acquaint the pilot with advanced glider control and unstable flight regimes; what initiates them and how to exit them safely. We begin with basic pitch control and then move on to wing-overs and big ears. The next stage covers collapses, both symmetric and asymmetric. Finally we practice stalls and spins; we begin with A-line and B-line stalls before moving on to spin recognition. We then practice spins into full stall recovery. This is practised so that you learn to exit facing in the desired direction. The final stage is entering full stall from normal flight. If you master all of these skills we can go on to practice spirals and SATs; we can teach you to offset them if they come easily to you. We also can teach helicopters. If you’d like to practice reserve deployment, we can do this too. All flights are filmed for debriefing.

We have a dedicated rescue boat which can get to you in seconds if you land in the lake and everyone will be issued with auto-inflation life jackets and radios.


The cost of acommodation isn’t included but we’ll help you arrange it. You’ll have the choice of a camp site, hostal or a hotel, depending on your budget.


We’re going to be using a site called Cornizzolo on the West side of Lake Como and you’ll need to make your way to the local train station, where we’ll pick you up. If you’d rather share a hired car, we can put you in touch with others on the course.

We’ll get a lift up to take-off from the local school who run a truck up. Part of the road up is private and only the local school has access. There will be a small charge for the lift up which is not included and you’ll have to pay directly.



£495 for a 4 day course
Flights and acommodation are not included