Learning to paraglide on a trip abroad

Argentina with Flight Culture paragliding school

Flight Culture have always had paragliding and paramotoring trips as a central part of of our programme and while teaching during the summer months in the UK can be great, outside the summer it can be really hit and miss. Even for somebody who’s completely committed, we can have long periods with non-flyable conditions which means that there is likely to be a remedial element to bring you back to where you were at the end of your last lesson. By going abroad we teach in places where the weather tends to be very reliable, allowing an intensive course.

The second reason we run trips is for the adventure and this is more related to who we are. Of course some of it is paragliding adventure; flying in unique and stunning environments. The other side is the cultural and regional adventure. We always try to show why we love these incredible places.

Coming away on a trip, it’s important to remember that there is never any guarantee about weather although we pick our destinations based on the likelihood of favourable weather. Even if it isn’t flyable, we’ll help you make the most of your trip and show you what’s so special about the destination. On past trips we’ve taken groups surfing, zip lining, scuba diving, paddle boarding, caving, we’ve hiked into remote canyons and seen walls covered in ancient pictoglyphs, we’ve visited local markets, bodegas andch√Ęteaux, castles, art galleries and so many other amazing things. We often have non-flying partners and friends joining us and they have a terrific time.

Fly Kandy with Flight ulture, LanzarotePart of our trip ethos is to create a really strong and supportive feeling within the group (including staff, fliers and non-fliers) and it really changes a trip. Working as a team and supporting each other makes the whole experience more rewarding and enjoyable and having an extended period of time together really lends itself to this.

We always visit Dune de Pyla in the early and late summer and it is great for a wide range of abilities. We do all of our tandem Pilot training at the Dune.

We always visit Lanzarote in the winter months, usually January. In the middle of the European winter, the Canaries are the closest really reliable destination.

We also run trips further abroad and in 2019 we will be going to South Africa

We really try to make sure our trips are the most fun you’ve ever had.

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