Sky Zorro paramotor wing review

Sky Zorro Sky ZorroReviewed by John Welch

Zorro 28

Parajet Maverick with Moster Plus engine

Total take off weight 125 Kg

Reflexed wings have been around for years and while they all have a really solid feel, however when they go wrong it’s not pretty. I’ve watched a couple of basic reflex wings on SIV courses and they really were quite a handful. Fortunately, some of the most recent wings are really focusing on improved recovery.

6 months ago I got a Sky Zorro, the first reflexed wing from Sky paragliders and a collaboration with Juan Carlos Salvadori. What they’ve achieved is really a remarkable wing that is easy to fly.

On inflation the Zorro comes up very easily with no tendency to overshoot even in nil wind and generates lift quickly. It self stabilizes and is very easy.

For take-off, especially in very light winds I found that I needed to apply some break to get off the ground.

In the air and non reflexed it felt very much like a nice paraglider. The control inputs gave a nice positive response and it was enjoyable to fly. The brakes do have very long travel but

This wing really comes alive when reflexed and especially when used in conjunction with the speed bar, the difference in speed is HUGE. The tip steering is really crisp and so much fun but the biggest surprise is that if you are having one of those days and inadvertently use the breaks while reflexed, it doesn’t cause any problems at all.

I tried the Zorro with an asymmetric (pulled the A riser) both in normal trim and reflexed. In normal trim it turned between 90 and 180 degrees and spontaneously recovers quickly. Fully reflexed it turned faster and further (between 180 and 270 degrees) but still spontaneously recovered.

This is a very easy wing to fly and wouldn’t present any problems as a first wing for a switched on student.

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