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Flight Culture, Lanzarote

As you may (or may not) know, I’m spending more time at the house in France so if you’d like to try some of the sites in the Massif Central of France (Gueret, Puy de Dome, etc), or paramotoring, let me know. Eventually we’ll be offering half board, airport transfers (Limoges or Montlucon for the train), etc.

In January we’ll be returning to Lanzarote for our 21st year of guided trips. I’ve flown most of the Canaries and for me, this is the best by far. There are a whole range of sites offering everything from super easy coastal soaring to thermic sites that challenge even the most experienced. This is all big site flying and there are vehicle retrieves so no walking back up to take-off.

In keeping with the Flight Culture style, you’ll be staying in a beautiful villa with a heated pool. We will cook you breakfasts every morning and also three amazing evening meals which usually involve Patagonian lamb, Argentine beef, as well as some of the outstanding local fish. If you are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements, we are more than happy to accommodate.

You can never guarantee weather conditions although Lanzarote is as good as you’ll get at that time of year without going long haul. If we have some time when it’s not flyable we’ll show you some of the things that make Lanzarote so special for us. There is surfing, scuba diving, caving, incredible hiking as well as a whole range of historical and cultural activities and we’ll fill your time doing exciting things.

Currently we have only 2 remaining rooms in our villa from the 19 – 25th as I’m afraid the first week is fully booked.

Following on from that, we’ll be running a trip to South Africa in March 2019 for 12 days. We’ll be flying the eastern coast and based just outside Knysna. This will really be quite a special trip – we’ll be in breathtaking fully-catered accommodation (think “lifestyles of the rich and famous”). Again, while we are going there to fly, this will be a cultural experience so you’ll be mixing with the locals and trying some typically South African pastimes and food. This is a really top end trip and numbers are very limited so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you on the list (first come, first served basis).

  1. Hi

    Am a nearly qualified CP looking to improve my groundhandling skills and increase my hours. Am wondering if anywhere offers a kind of CP+ course from 26th December.

    Best regards, Martin

    • Hi Martin,

      We are going out to Lanzarote and still have one remaining room from the 19 – 26 January. It a great place to get airtime in the winter months with a good mix of costal and thermic sites. If you’d like more info please take a look at or e-mail me, [email protected]



    • Hi Ian,

      I’d love to go back but vehicle hire prices have just made it impossible. That said, my brother and I are working on a way of getting vehicles at affordable prices and it that happens we definitly will!


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