A new approach to Paramotoring

The Para Lab

What’s The Para Lab? It’s a question that we keep getting asked and I’m going to do my best to answer this. Simply put, The Para Lab is an all inclusive paramotor resort in Andalusia (southern Spain).

The idea came about when the owners of 2 paramotor schools got together and started discussing how things were going. Both of them had a number of frustrations and more for fun than anything else, they decided to design their fantasy paramotor school which would be the most effective, safest and the most fun and this is where the idea came from.

We started by looking at instructor to student ratios and it was obvious that this was one of the big hurdles to student progression. We set a minimum of 1 instructor for every 2 students (often it’s even lower than that) which meant that students get lots of attention and feedback which leads to rapid progress.

We decided that we’d only use the very latest equipment because it’s much more reliable and easier to use. We also decided that we needed a proper workshop on site. A full set of equipment for each student was essential so we have 10 full sets of kit. Because of all the equipment that we have, we can offer a wide range of courses, including beginner, qualification completion, Safaris for those who can already fly, instructor development courses and manufacturers have used The Para Lab for R+D as well as product launches.

Weather is always a limitation in the UK and while you can get good spells, it’s just too unpredictable. We looked at lots of places but settled on Andalusia because the weather is very consistent and were lucky enough to find a stunning villa with a private airfield less than 3 minutes away.

We wanted everything to be as easy as possible for the people visiting us so have included everything into one price; you will have a private room in our villa, all meals and drinks, all fuel, site fees and everything else.

We operate The Para Lab in October and February each year and still have some spaces for October 2024.

If you’d like to paramotor, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced pilot come out and join us at The Para Lab and find out what it’s all about

28 September  – 5 October 2024 Beginner course

15 – 12 October 2024 Club Pilot and post CP development course

19 – 26 October 2024 Club Pilot and post CP development course


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