The Team

When John Welch started Flight Culture in 2000 he did it with the experience gained in working for three other paragliding schools. Rather than following the standard school model John wanted to create something quite different; a school that concentrated on teaching, building a real community and (of course) having a lot of fun. From the start we taught in small groups which meant rapid, safe progress. We always invested in our staff and worked hard at helping them to progress with both their personal flying and their teaching. These things have contributed to where we are today; a modern, progressive school with an outstanding team that is leading the way in training.

John Welch – CFI

I am the chief flying instructor (CFI) registered with the British Hang gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA) & founder of Flight Culture. I began paragliding in 1987 while living in the French Alps and it was in France that I began instructing. I returned to England in 1994 and went on to gain my UK instructor and tandem rating. I worked for two schools in the south of England before setting up Flight Culture in 2000.
I was an instructor examiner and have served on the BHPA executive committee.

In addition to my paragliding qualifications, I am a PADI diving instructor and a qualified First Aid trainer, hold a yacht master and like Cuban cigars!

Collin Horton

When I was young I used to dream I could walk into the air and fly. I seen a paramotor some years later and knew it was for me. I learnt to fly with John some years ago and I’ve never looked back. Paramotoring and paragliding and I love them both.

I became more involved with the Flight Culture family as it’s more than just flying- I adore everything it stands for; safe flying, good times, close friends and a few beers along the way.

I’ve worked in aviation for 20 years and been flying only a few. I’m a qualified PADI rescue diver, a keen cyclist and triathlete and lover of all peoples’ hobbies and interests. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Alice Horwood

Ever since my first paragliding flight in 2015, I was addicted. The feeling of climbing high above take off and watching the ground get smaller and smaller is just magical! And is something I feel everyone should have the chance to experience. 

I live in Moscow, and when I am not working I spend as much time as possible travelling and paragliding. I enjoy flying cross country and am always trying to push a new personal best. I love flying all over Europe and hope to explore as many sites this year as possible.   

I am Pilot and Tandem rated and fly a BGD Base

Matilda Temperley

I started flying a microlight in 2014 but realised that whilst being the in the sky was the best feeling, I didn’t have enough time to spend at the airfeild. Around the same time a paramotor buzzed my home in Somerset and within minutes I had booked a course starting a week later. Now it has completely invaded my life and my engine lives on my desk instead of my computer. I work as a photographer and originally  thought photographing from a paramotor would be a great idea (it is not). My other job is growing apples and making cider and Somerset Cider Brandy.

Andy May

I have a passion for all types of flying, aeroplanes, helicopters and gyroplane’s, both as a pilot and an instructor. I’ve been involved in teaching in various guises since the early 1980’s and love the challenge of assisting with learning a skill which is often seen as life changing. I’ve been a paraglider pilot since 2012, mostly ridge soaring, and a tandem pilot since 2016.

I’m a keen kite surfer, mountaineer and mountain biker, and compete for being the world worst surfer.

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