Why we’re different…

Flight Culture has been running trips abroad since 2000. We offer activity holidays with a terrific social atmosphere, incredible gastronomy along with some of the most talented instructors you’ll ever meet. All of our trips welcome non-flying partners or friends and they will always be included with the rest of the group. We want to provide an environment where the group is happy and relaxed, as this in turn reflects on flying progress.

We provide all equipment (if required) and it’s all new. 

On our courses outside the UK we will take you as far as we possibly can within the limits the weather.

We pick our destinations because they tend to be incredibly reliable for weather but it is the one thing that we just can’t control. If we have a non-flyable period, we won’t just abandon you until the weather improves, we’ll take you out and show you the local area. We’ll also run lectures on glider repair and mainteince, glider design, dealing with fear and a whole host of other topics.

We teach in the UK during the summer months and focus on basic access courses (BHPA Elementary Pilot). You will need to complete one of these before going on to a full qualification paragliding or paramotoring course.

The big difference between trips outside the UK and UK based courses is that on foreign trips you are paying for our time and we will take you as far as we can while you’re out with us. While we pick destinations for the reliability of conditions, we can’t make any guarantees about the weather.

On our UK based courses, should we loose time due to the weather resulting in you being unable to complete your course, we will offer you additional days at no extra cost but we do not do so on trips.

We offer instruction in both the UK and abroad in both group courses and with 1 to 1 lessons

We have specific destinations for every level of pilot; for example Dune de Pyla is a safe environment for your first few hops, or for Club Pilots we have advanced manoeuvres in Switzerland where you can push yourself and your glider to the limit. If you looking for adventure and culture, how about Argentina? With expert tuition from all our dedicated staff we have the means to really get the best out of you while maintaining a very individual approach. You will receive all the lectures you need and when you are ready we will encourage you to take your theory exams. Once you are qualified, flying becomes a very realistic dream that you can follow forever.

If we are unfortunate and have a day that is non-flyable, we’ll have a whole host of other activities from walking inside volcanoes and lava tubes to go-karting, horse riding or surfing; whatever your interest, we have enough local knowledge to advise you. One of our specialities is our group meals. CFI John Welch, worked as a head chief in France and cooks specialities from that region, as well as some exclusive recipes passed on by Grandma Welch. You’ll get everything from three course meals to Argentinean asados, using the finest ingredients that the local area has to offer.

When you leave us you will take away more than just flying experiences; you’ll have new friends and memories that will last forever.