We run courses in both the UK and abroad. Our UK courses are run during the summer months and we generally focus on access courses. Irrespective of whether you are interested in paramotoring or paragliding, you will need to complete the basic level course. This course will teach you how to inflate and control a wing, both on the ground and in flight. You will make a number of unpowered flights which will gradually get bigger and bigger. The basic access course is the same as the BHPA Elementary Pilot course. 

Once you’ve completed the basic access course you’ll be able to go on to a full qualification course for either paragliding or paramotoring. The full qualification courses are run outside the UK (although we do offer 1 to 1 CP instruction) and we pick destinations for their weather reliability.

For dates and venues of all our courses please see our courses page.

All of our equipment is of the latest design and meticulously maintained.

We sell a wide range of equipment and are more than happy to help match you to what is right for you 

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