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While we have historically run paramotor courses in the UK, the weather really does make it difficult and lack of continuity just drags the training out. This year Flight Culture will run paramotor beginner courses in the UK but all of the CP (full qualification courses) will be done at The Para Lab in Southern Spain. Absolutely everything is laid on and you’ll get to fly in one of the most beautiful places on earth, The Para Lab

We always start with the BHPA Elementary Pilot course as it gives you a solid grounding in wing control skills. By the end of this course you’ll be thoroughly familiar with the equipment, have a good level of ability at ground handling and be comfortable controlling your wing in the air. If you decide to complete your beginner course in the UK it is 5 days and on completing it, you’ll be ready to either go on to the Club Pilot paragliding or paramotoring course. You can find our course schedule here.

At The Para Lab in October 2022 we will be offering paramotor conversion courses for anyone who has completed (at least) a BHPA EP course as well as running a full beginner to fully qualified course. Contact us to discuss the most appropriate course

We only use state of the art paramotors, incorporating the very latest in motor development and also work with Sky Paragliders for the very latest in reflex wings. We offer the option of trike flying which adds another dimension. We teach the BHPA syllabus and every course is supported with at least 1 instructor to 2 students.

While at The Para Lab you’ll stay in our stunning villa and have breakfast and dinner cooked for you every day, using the very best local produce.

If we do decide to eat out, you’ll have to pay for your meal but otherwise everything is covered; transfers, use of equipment, fuel, local transport, accommodation in a private room and all site fees.

If you can already paraglide and would like a conversion it is the same CP course as effectively all of our paramotor courses are conversion courses.

We will take you through all of the motor safety training as well as introducing you to the various pre-flight and pre-landing checks. Your first flights will be local circuits but the feeling of that first flight is completely indescribable; watching the ground disappear below you as you rise up over the olive groves and suddenly you have the most incredible panorama in front of you.

 If you’d like some late sun and to combine learning to paramotor with a wonderful holiday, come out and join us in Southern Spain at The Para Lab 

and to book a place or if you have more questions please  contact us

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