La vie en Dune…

Life has just gotten so much better and we’re now able to get back to one of my favourite flying sites, Dune du Pyla.

This place has a completely unique feel and it’s so easy to just lose track of the days.

The Dune is an incredible place to learn and just offers so much opportunity for pilots to develop their skills.  For beginners it is a really reassuring environment and learning is easy. For those trying to get qualified, there’s probably nowhere in the world that’s better for developing soaring skills. For those already qualified, the Dune is like a giant skate park for paragliders!

Of course we go for the flying but there is so much more to it than that. We visit local markets to stock up on fresh produce, stop by the oyster docks to pick up a couple dozen oysters. There is surfing at Biscarosse Plage, an incredible fresh water lake for swimming, and eat in some incredible restaurants.

Of course, we also bring our smoker out and regularly treat everyone to pulled pork, smoked chicken and beef ribs. The Dune just wouldn’t be the same without Grandma Welch’s recipes and you’ll get to experience at the end of a long day with a cold beer in your hand.

We stay on a stunning campsite just behind the Dune and waking up in the morning and watching the first rays of the sun hitting it is unforgettable.

We only take 4 students each week and there are always at least 2 instructors.



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