Learn to Paraglide or Paramotor in Dorset

If you’ve thought about flying, why not join us on our beginners course in Dorset? We’ll be running beginner courses in the UK from May until the end of August.

The starting point for both paragliding and paramotoring is exactly the same so this is an access course that will then allow you to go on to a second level course which will get you fully qualified.

It generally takes 3 or 4 days to complete the access course but we schedule them for a 5 day block.

On the first day we will introduce you to the equipment, you’ll learn how to inspect it, put it together and about pre-flight checks. We will teach you how to inflate the glider (get it from the ground to above your head and to control it on the ground.

The next stage is to make small flights from a hill which will teach you to launch and land. As you become more proficient, we’ll take you further up the hill and make bigger flights to practice steering the glider.

The feeling of your first big flight is just incredible and you’ll never forget it.

We use only the most modern equipment, radios to communicate while you’re flying and take a maximum of 6 students with 2 qualified instructors.

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