Learn to paramotor in 2023

We do most our paramotor training with The Para Lab in southern Spain with the exception of a few courses in Dorset over July and August. The Para Lab is a phenomenal set up with an amazing villa, great flying fields and breath taking scenery. The local hills are topped with old Moorish watch towers, there are beautiful hill top villages and gorges to explore with your paramotor.
The Para Lab uses state of the art equipment in conjunction with Parajet and incorporating the very latest in development. We also offer the option of trike flying which adds another dimension. We teach the BHPA syllabus and every course is supported with at least 2 senior instructors, an instructor as well as trainee instructors.
You will be met at Seville airport and transported to our luxury villa. On arrival you’ll be shown to your private bedroom and when you’ve freshened up we’ll have a welcome cocktail and canapĂ© party where we’ll run through the way everything works.
If you can already paraglide and would like a conversion we offer 1 week conversion course and will take you through all of the motor safety training as well as introducing you to the various pre-flight and pre-landing checks.
Your first flights will be local circuits but the feeling of that first flight is completely indescribable; watching the ground disappear below you as you rise up over the olive groves and suddenly you have the most incredible panorama in front of you.
If you come out on our beginners course, it’s a 9 day course which will take you through everything, right from the beginning. You’re first 2 days will be spent using the wing and harness but not the motor. You’ll make unpowered flights starting with very small ones but gradually getting bigger and bigger and improving your wing control skills. For those of you who can already fly paramotors, why not join a safari week? They’re great fun and you’ll get to fly lots of different routes.
If you’ve ever wondered what paramotoring is like, you need to come out to the Para Lab and find out just how much fun it is!
Our next courses is in (we are very nearly full).
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