Life should be an adventure

Would you like to do something really different; are you looking for an adventure? Why not do it in 2020?

I’ve been paragliding for over 30 years and instructing for over 20. In that time, I’ve very lucky and been all over the world flying. For sure, I’ve been to so many incredible places but the one place that really stands out is the Altas Cumbres (Sierras de Cordoba) in Argentina. If you head west, from Buenos Aires you cross vast plains until you reach the middle of the country near the city of Cordoba where you have a range of wild, rugged and beautiful mountains called the Altas Cumbres. The highest point is Champaqui at 2880 m so these are proper mountains. The mountains rise out pf the plain and almost form an escarpmentwhich makes big cross country flights relativly easy but the road running along the bottom means that retrieves really aren’t too bad.

I’m not sure I’m really doing it justice in my description because it is simply the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. We swim in crystal clear rivers and fly over incredibly remote areas.

Aside from the flying, there are so many other other things that make it really unique. We have ridden horses through the mountaing, flown with condors and even glimpsed puma in the remote crags. The people are so friendly and welcoming and experiacing the culture is facinating. Of course, the asado is a major part of the culture but if you think about it like a BBQ, you’ll be so far short of what it actually is. Asado is a huge social event and they ofetn last many hours with meat and vegtables being cooked very, very slowly. It’s a chance for friends to talk and spend time together.

We’ve taken groups to this wonderful area many times before and we’d love to share this adventure with you. There will be two instructors to help you get the most from the amazing flying as well as guiding you while you’re out with us. We are only taking 5 people and this trip fills up early so if you’d like to join us from the 14 – 27 March 2021 please take a look here.

Make 2020 a remarkable year and join us in Argentina.


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