This is where the adventure begins…

This is where the adventure begins…

Flight Culture have a whole host of beginner courses for 2023, both in the UK as well as trips abroad and our beginner courses are for both paragliding and paramotoring. The courses will introduce you to the equipment and we’ll spend lots of time practising inflations as this is such a fundamental skill. Your first flight will only be 2 or 3 feet off the ground and that will slowly increase so that by the end of the course you’ll be making flights of more than 100 feet above the ground with nice controlled turns to bring you in for a perfect landing. While you’re airborne we will be able to communicate with you using radios and there will always be a second instructor to assist you on landing.

We are a BHPA registered school, will provide all of the equipment (of the very latest generation) and you’ll be surprised by how quickly and easily you progress. This progression is due partly to our using up-to-date equipment but also because there is at least 1 instructor for every 2 students. Teaching in small groups like this means that you spend your time flying rather than waiting your turn.

If you’re interested, our beginner courses do tend to book up early so it’s essential that you reserve your place. If it helps, we are happy to hold a place for a couple weeks while you think about it.

Once you’ve completed the beginner course you can join us on a full qualification course for either paragliding or paramotoring which will allow you to fly independently and the adventure really begins!

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