March 14, 2020 - March 27, 2020


Argentina is a vast, diverse and beautiful country. It stretches from Bolivia to the Antarctic, almost every climate can be found somewhere on Argentinian soil. We’ll introduce you to the culture and history, eat outstanding local food and (of course) drink some of their amazing wine.

The part that we will be visiting is just north-west of central Argentina. We’ll meet in the city of Cordoba and from there we’ll head into the Central Sierras to a small town called La Cumbre. We’ll be staying in some really comfortable cottages with a communal swimming pool. The nearest flying site is incredible. Cuchi Corral looks down on an unspoiled plain and next to the landing field is a bar and a river that is very good for swimming. There are lots of large birds of prey that like to play here, including Condors.

Our next stop is Nono, further along the central Sierras. Here the mountains become more rugged and there is a much wilder feel. The town of Nono is small and quite eclectic with a number of art studios and modern bars along side much more traditional places. While here we’ll be staying in a mountain refuge (Refugio de Condorito) which is an incredibly basic bunk house but stunningly beautiful.

Finally, from Nono we head along the Central Sierras to Merlo, a Spa town at the foot of a breath-taking site which looks as if it has been designed for cross country flying. Merlo is a 1000m high escarpment which offers amazing potential out in front over the flatlands, following the escarpment, or heading over the back. As with Cuchi, the bottom landing is big, and very straightforward. In Merlo we’ll be staying in cottages, again with a pool.

All of your meals are included unless we eat out which we’ll do on 2 evenings. We’ll introduce you to asado, the Argentinian style of bar-b-q.

The Flying

All three of these sites offer amazing flying opportunities; many people who’ve been with us make their first cross country flights here. For those who’ve flown XC before, personal bests are quite common. All that said, this is not a difficult place to fly and suits a wide range of piloting ability.

We will explore both the theory and practice of thermic flying in more depth with you whilst we are away. Learning to thermal is an endless journey. We can work from your level and you will notice improvements in your flying as you practice under our guidance. Once you are thermalling happily, should conditions be favourable, we could look into taking you cross country. If you’re more experienced, 100 + Km XC’s are achievable.

Some of you may well have flown cross country in the past, some of you will not. The sites we fly in Argentina are not close to controlled airspace, they are big, with friendly thermals and a lot of potential. We have retrieve drivers to pick you up when you land.

In addition to being good for xc’s the sites themselves are breathtakingly beautiful. Playing with thermals can be a lot of fun; we will introduce you to them progressively.

Argentina is a land of extremes, although we will be travelling in a relatively small part of it, you should be prepared for really hot weather in the plains, and colder conditions at night. This is particularly apparent when we fly. Getting dressed up into flying suits and gloves when it is thirty degrees on take off feels a little strange, but once you have climbed a couple of thousand feet you will need the extra layers!

Whilst the take off and landing sites that we use are generally well prepared, you must fly in boots. Should you fly cross country or land in the wrong place you will need them. The other things that you will need are to protect you from the sun. A pair of sunglasses (and some spares if possible), a sun hat, and some good sun cream.


When you arrive at Cordoba airport you will be met by one of our team. If you arrive on the Sunday, you’ll be taken to our cottage accommodation in La Cumbre. If you arrive a day or 2 early I’ll be out there and can get you a room in the hotel that I’ll be using in Cordoba and will be happy to show you the city.

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  • This trip is suitable for CP+ level pilots
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