Dorset beginner paragliding and paramotoring

July 19, 2023 - July 23, 2023



If you want to learn to paraglide or paramotor, this is for you. We will take you from beginner through initial stages and by the end you’ll be making huge flights.

We have really looked at how to optimise your training and have done everything to make it as successful, easy and safe as possible.

In the late autumn, winter and early spring there are so few flyable days in the UK so we base ourselves in southern Spain where the days are long, warm and sunny.

We only take 6 students and the group will have a minimum of 2 BHPA senior instructors.

Of course, it’s about flying but it’s also a holiday and non flying partners are always very welcome.

Honestly, when it’s cold and dark at home, what could be nicer than spending time in beautiful sunny Andalucia.

The Flying

Honestly, if you want to learn, it just doesn’t get any better than this. We have private training slopes less than a 5 minute drive from our fabulous villa. Our training slopes work in ALL directions. You won’t waste time travelling to  different sites, you’ll spend your time learning.
We use the very latest equipment which makes learning easier and safer and all equipment is included.

There is no other school that has 2 senior instructors (BHPA) as a MINIMUM to a group of 6 students

You’ll learn how to inflate and control your glider, control it during flight and make incredibly gentle landings.

We don’t just tick boxes, we’ll share our love of flying with you and make you the very best that you can be.

Our typical day is a start at 9 am and we usually fly until 12 or 1 then break for lunch. Typically, we’ll go back out around 4 and fly until dark.


You will be staying in an utterly stunning villa. You will have your own room (no sharing with some who snores all night), wonderful breakfasts and dinners prepared. For lunch we’ll take you to some sensational local restaurants.

Your villa has everything that you’d expect from a a premium residence including wifi, a stunning pool, beautiful Moorish lounges and you’ll be spoiled every minute that you’re there.

We heavily emphasise local ingredients for our meals and you’ll be completely spoiled. Breakfast is a choice of cooked items, cheese and local meats, local fruit and of course cereals. We are incredibly fussy about coffee and tea so you will NEVER be offered a cup of tea made with Liptons or instant coffee.

Dinner always starts with canapes and then heavily features local ingredients for our meals. We love to show you the local cuisine as well as some fusion dishes that we’ve developed and prepare on our smoker, marrying the flavours of local woods with our food.

Of course, we are more than happy to accommodate requirements and preferences and offer a full range of vegetarian, vegan as well as allergy management

Of course all drinks are included, bottled water, fruit juice, soft drinks, beer and of course the local wine

Fully booked

Sorry, there are no more spaces left on this trip.

Contact us to be added to our cancellation list.


  • This trip is suitable for beginner level pilots


The cost of the beginners course is £780 and includes all equipment, instruction and site fees

It does not include BHPA membership


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