Dorset beginner Paragliding and Paramotoring course

June 1, 2022 - June 5, 2022


The Dorset countryside really is England at its most beautiful and the flying is correspondingly stunning. We have a wide range of sites in West Dorset and will show you this beautiful county while you’re with us.

We only take 2 students at a time so you will make rapid progress.

The Flying

This is the beginners course for both paragliding and paramotoring.

Beginners always start on a flat field with ground handeling and this usually takes the first day but is so essential. We’ll introduce you to both forward and reverse inflations and get you to the point where you’ll be ready to launch.

On your second day we’ll take you to one of our hills and start with very small flights but as you improve, we’ll gradually move further up the hill. By the end of the second day you’ll be making flights of 50 feet or more above the ground.

As the course continues we will make bigger and bigger flights in a wider range of conditions. We’ll improve your wing control skills as well as improving your landing accuracy.

There is a theory element to the course and we’ll supply you with supporting notes as well as running structured lectures.

We supply all of the equipment that you’ll need and everything is current generation and less than 2 years old. This will make it safer and much easier for you.


We don’t provide acommodation on our Dorset course but are happy to recommend local options.

Fully booked

Sorry, there are no more spaces left on this trip.

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  • This trip is suitable for beginner level pilots


The cost for the 5 day course is £750 and covers all equipment and instruction up to completion of your course or 5 days (we’ll add extra days if you’re unable to complete due to weather.


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