Paramotor courses in the South Downs

July 4, 2020 - August 8, 2020


We are offering a summer session to teach you to fly paramotors and can accommodate complete beginners as well as paragliding pilots who are looking for a paramotor conversion.

We will be teaching just outside Brighton on the South Downs and have tried to make this as flexible as possible. You can either buy a course or if you’re already an existing paramotor pilot, you can buy individual days to work on specific skills or to gain your Pilot rating.

We have a 35 day window and you can choose your dates based on your own schedule, however, the more time you can allocate, the better chance you have of completing your course. Once you have booked your course, you can book your days. If you have a day when we are unable to fly due to bad weather, you simply rebook that day.

The number of places is strictly limited and we will be offering 10 course spaces to beginners and 10 course places to paragliding to paramotor conversion courses however we will only have 6 people out at a time.

We use the most modern equipment available and most is new or only a few months old. Because of the cost of new equipment, should you break or damage anything you will have to pay 50% of the repair / replacement. That said, we haven’t had this situation arise and work very hard to make sure it doesn’t.

  • What you will get with us is:
  • A highly experienced teaching team of BHPA instructors
  • Most modern equipment available
  • Free train station transfers (if req)
  • Self study theory pack issued prior to course
  • Flying over the breathtaking South Downs
  • Advice on equipment purchasing from experts who have worked directly for manufacturers

The Flying

The flying will be from our airfield just outside Brighton and will follow the BHPA training syllabus.

Beginners will spend 3 or 4 days developing non-motor skills and by the end of this you will be making non motorised flights from hills and developing really solid wing control skills. You will have completed most of the BHPA Elementary Pilot (EP) hill sylabus and you will have the option to fully complete it for a small extra cost.

The next stage is introducing the motor and safe operating procedures, practicing inflating with the motor and eventually moving on to flights in circuit. To complete your Club Pilot (Power) rating you will make bigger flights out of circuit as well as practicing more advanced wing control skills, engine failure practice and spot landing skills.

The beginner course is 10 days and the cost is £2000

If you are already a paragliding pilot with (at least) a Club Pilot rating and are current in your skills you will go straight on to working with the motor with a view to getting you airborne by the end of the first day or at the start of your second day. Again, you will do flights in circuit, flights out of circuit and practice further skills.

The conversion course is 4 days and the cost is £800

If you want to buy additional or single days, these are charged at £225 per day

We can either supply all the equipment or we can teach you on your own equipment.

When booking your dates, you can book as many as you have paid for however you may only have 2 weekend days booked at any time. As the teaching window is 36 days, at the end of this period, any unused days will not be carried forward.

Please note that we expect a basic level of fitness and you will need to be able to run a short distance. Paramotors can weigh in excess of 20 Kg and therefore this is not suitable for anyone with back problems (although you might be able to paraglide).


No acommodation provided

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  • This trip is suitable for beginner level pilots
  • This trip is suitable for CP+ level pilots
  • This trip is suitable for advanced level pilots


10 day beginner course £2000

4 day paraglider to paramotor conversion course £800


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