Dune de Pyla CP

September 21, 2020 - September 27, 2020


Great weather, clear blue seas, fine wine and of course excellent flying make this coastal location perfect for summer soaring. Situated close to the town of Arcachon, Dune de Pyla is the largest sand dune in Europe.

This is a Paragliders paradise offering reliable flying weather during the spring, summer, and autumn months. Because we visit at the beginning and end of the summer, we get the very best of the weather. Paragliding at Dune du Pilat is like nowhere else on the planet.

The first time you see the dune it completely takes your breath away because it is over 3km in length, reaches 107 meters above sea level and is absolutely stunning!

We run small groups with 2 students per instructor and there is a real sense of “team”. All are welcome and if you would like to come with a non-flying partner, no problem, they would be very welcome!

If we have a non-flyable period, there are so many fantastic things  to do; there are hundreds of miles of cycle tracks, we swim in both the sea and in an incredible fresh water lake, go surfing at Biscarosse, visit a fantastic street market, buy oysters straight off the oyster docks and the list goes on

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The Flying

There’s lots of space and soft fine sand which makes it an excellent place for beginners, those wanting to learn more advanced ground handling and soaring skills as well as for aspiring tandem pilots. Because there are 3 BHPA instructors to a maximum of 6 students we are able to offer paragliding lessons for all standard of pilot. Paragliding at Dune du Pilat works so well for all levels

For the more experienced pilots, you will benefit from the opportunity to learn advanced ground handling and soaring skills in a very low risk environment. As a result, most people will complete (with ease) an Elementary or Club Pilot course within 6 days. We’ve offered paragliding at Dune du Pilat for the last 26 years and it’s simply the best teaching location I’ve found.

If you’ve got around 250 hr airtime and would like to learn to fly a tandem glider, why not join us at the Dune? We’ll have a range of different tandems which you’ll get to fly both with rigid and soft spreaders, you’ll become proficient at the “cobra” launch (if you’re not already) and we’ll turn you into a talented tandem pilot which is why the Dune is so good for learning to fly tandems. In fact, the Dune is probably one of the best places in the world to .learn to fly tandems

The dune has a really relaxed atmosphere where we fly in t-shirts and shorts and once the gliders are packed away we sit and watch the sunset over the sea to finish off a perfect day.

Join us paragliding at Dune du Pilat and find out why so many people keep coming back


The campsite backs on to the dune, which means that our flying site is just a short walk away. This year we have made it easier than ever. You pay only for your paragliding course, not the accommodation. This means that for those on a budget, you can pitch a tent or rent a fixed placement tent and if you’d like a bit more comfort there is a whole range of options. If you would rather that we took care of everything, we offer a VIP service which includes a private room in a shared mobile home (with shower and wc) as well as breakfast every morning and dinner on 2 of the nights.

The campsite facilities include a swimming pool, bar, restaurant and a shop. Beaches, bicycle hire and water sports are all within easy reach making this a family friendly holiday.

Although we will prioritise paragliding at Dune du Pilat, if time allows, we will take you to the local market to stock up on fresh food and regional specialties which include oysters from the Arcachon basin.

We’ll make dinner some nights and go out to eat on others and you’ll always be invited to join us. We try to make everything as easy as possible so that you can just focus on your paragliding course at Dune du Pilat

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  • This trip is suitable for CP+ level pilots




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